Message from the Chairman

Best thing for customers and customer satisfaction first.

We have been supplying functional & high quality automotive goods, parts, tools and logistic goods since 1965. We continue to develop/supply our originality goods that customers feel best and satisfied.

chairman Y.okuyama

Corporate motto

  • To act with service at heart
  • To create new business.
  • To enjoy our work.

Corporate Identity

We will faithfully work together and make our company be able to assist our customers and always earn their appreciation.

  • To make our company be eternally evolved and make our employees happy.
  • To make our customers and suppliers prosperous keeping mutual beneficial relationship.
  • To make a contribution to the society in order to create a better one.


To improve the safety & security and the convenience & comfortableness in the transportation and logistics area.

We will contribute to the society through planning and developing the parts, accessories, and tools of trucks and vehicles. In addition, instruments and materials of logistics, while improving the safety, the convenience, and comfortableness of the vehicles used for work.

Management Policies

  • To develop the original products which can accommodate the diversified customer’s needs.
  • To improve the products and the quality in order to get the customer’s satisfaction.
  • To establish the corporate culture and system which would lead to our employee’s job satisfaction and enjoyable work conditions.


Establishment April 1,1965
President Chairman Yasuhiro Okuyama
President Yoshimoto Nakabe
Capital \79,710,000.-
MEMBERS OF Osaka, Hiroshima, Tokyo
Business Outline Research・Development・Import/Export・Sales・Direct mail sale of automotive after-market parts・
Main bank The MUFG Bank, Shinanobashi Branch.
The Shoko chukin Bank, Osaka Br.
OsakaHead Office
OsakaHead Office


Head office

1-5,4-choume Kawaguchi-Nishi-ku,
Osaka 550-0021,Japan

Sales Promotion Division




Adachi-ku,Iriya 6-chome, 2-7
Tokyo 121-0836,JAPAN

Tokyo Sales Dept

Tokyo Sales Dept

HIROSHIMA Storage & Delivery Center

2-5-1,Minamikata,Mihara city,
Hiroshima 729-0419 ,JAPAN

HIROSHIMA Storage & Delivery Center

HIROSHIMA Storage & Delivery Center


1965 NOGUCHI BRAKE CO.,LTD started operation.
Founder Masao Yoshihara
1968 Name was changed to NOGUCHI AUTOMOTIVE CO.,LTD.
1974 Tokyo Sales Office was opened.
1984 Name was changed to NOGUCHI CO.,LTD.
1985 Published catalogue of trucking tools, accessories,parts.
Sales turnover expanded rapidly.
1989 Storing & delivering center was set up in Hiroshima.
1992 Capital increased to \50,000,000.-
1994 Published home and office goods catalogue.
1995 New head office building completed.
1996 Storage & delivering center with computer controlled warehousing system was newly expanded in Hiroshima.
1999 Published catalogue for Passenger car tools & accessories.
2000 Capital increased to \62,210,000.-
2003 Capital increased to \67,210,000.-
2004 ISO9001 approved
Name was changed to Pa-man Corporation
40th anniversary party(Pudong Shangri-La Hotel)
2005 Capital increased to \79,710,000.-
2006 Expanded & moved to New Hiroshima center with 10,000m2
2013 Chairman Masao Yoshihara
President Yasuhiro Okuyama
2014 50th anniversary trip(Hawaii)
2015 Senior Counselor Masao Yoshihara
2016 ISO9001:2015 Revised version acguired
2017 Chairman Yasuhiro Okuyama
President Yoshimoto Nakabe
2018 Relocated Tokyo sales office & opened a show room in Tokyo
2019 Opened Pa-man Shop Hirosima outlet